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Natural Microderm & Rolling Dough {100% Natural Microderm & Facelift}

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This treatment is 100% chemical free and Ayurvedic This treatment is named as Ayur combo:

Rolling Dough: Rolling dough was used in the olden days to give a natural facelift and to make the skin shine, glow, and hydrated. It tightens the facial skin muscles and skin, this also has the same results on the body as well as releasing toxins, lymphatic drainage, and reducing cellulite. The scriptures says it was used after deliveries on the mothers daily to tighten the skin on the stomach. Also used as a facelift by the queens and kings. Stories would say this to be their secret behind their youthful look in their later life. Rolling dough is made with 12 herbs which provide the lift, muscle tightening , collagen production and makes the skin shiny. You can see the results in one treatment. The pouch and rolling dough as a combination you could see greatest results in one treatment.

Microderm pouch: Microderm pouch treatment has lots of benefits as it peels, heals, moisturizes and improves complexion making a smooth, shiny finish. It has volatile oil in the herbs. The pouch has bark of the leaves of 12 herbs which contain all the properties. When we pound the 80 pounds of the different herbs, the leaves turn to powder and veins of the leaves stay as sticks. Those viens will be used in the pouch to gently, peel the skin. However, without any bleeding or redness. The viens that are in the muslin cloth come through the tiny holes and creates an abrasion the skin. The viens also have properties to help the skin. Each herb has its own benefit. Skin looks healthy and clean, so often the client can go out on the same day. The Microderm Pouch can be done more frequently without any damage to the skin. Feels clean, smooth and relaxing.

Microderm Machine usage: The machine and cristals does not have properties and it is very abrasive on the skin because we cant use as a base, so the crystals are rough and painful to the skin. Most of the times skin gets red and bleeds. Getting more often would damage the skin.


Do not perform Microderm pouch if the client has psoriasis and rosacia. If the client has had chemical peels within 3 months or doctor prescribed time. If the client is on any peeling agents. Check on all Dermatology prescriptions.


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Ani Miryala

Ani Miryala started her professional career in beauty and skincare in India in the year 1990. She holds a degree in skincare from Christine Valmy Beauty School, New York. Ani takes multitasking to the next level and she is known to have prowess in current beauty services. As a trainer, she trained many estheticians/cosmetologists and today they are the torchbearers of her teaching expertise. Ani along with her sisters was instrumental in researching and establishing modern spa techniques and beauty products by integrating authentic ayurvedic ways. Ani played a key role in successfully building her company in different forging cities of India and the United States. Her strong acumen for beauty services and business has helped the company to be one of the best brands in the beauty and wellness industries. With her massively impressive work she launched not less than 40 spas globally. Presently she owns 15 international Spas in areas like Boca Raton, The Villages, FL, Dallas, etc. In New York and Florida, she is one of the licensed esthetician and most innovative women entrepreneurs. Later Ani demonstrated her expertise with microblading and lash lift techniques. She is a pioneer in developing an easy and unique approach to educate and train her co-estheticians. Ani with her innovative ideas effectively trained and effectuated microblading in all her spas including the two spas in the USA. Ani Miryala is distinguished from others for being an artist as well as an esteemed trainer.

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